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In recent years, the development of China’s work shoe industry has been extremely rapid. It has occupied a leading position in the global work shoe market, and has an important influence on the development of the world work shoe market and consumer demand. But what is the specific situation of China’s work shoe export competition?

1. China’s export competitiveness of safety shoes

China’s apparent comparative advantage of work shoes has always been very high, and the export competitiveness of work shoes is showing a continuous upward trend, and the rising rate is accelerating. It has a strong competitive advantage and the overall advantage position is unshakable. However, we must realize that our country’s current export competitive advantage of safety shoes is concentrated on labor-intensive basic body shoes, while the relatively technologically intensive high-end shoes do not yet have export competitive advantages or export competitiveness. This conclusion is consistent with the traditional comparative advantage theory. Our country has a rich labor force but lacks technology.

2. China’s work shoes export market share

The ratio of China’s labor insurance footwear export value to the world’s labor insurance footwear export value is used to measure its “sphere of influence” in the international market. The market share of the world’s major labor insurance footwear export countries is relatively stable in recent years. The market share of major work shoe exporting countries has been significantly reduced. Italy has shrunk from 42.23% in 2002 to 21.02% in 2006, while the UK and the US have directly changed from exporting countries to net importers. At the same time, China works. The proportion of shoes in the international market is not only very large, but the expansion speed is still further accelerating. The expansion rate is increasing every year compared with the previous year. In 2006 alone, it increased by 14.65% compared with 2005. It is expected to increase in the next few years. Continue to expand, and it has strong international export competitiveness.

3. Distribution of China’s safety shoes export market

The main market for my country’s work shoes exports is the United States, followed by Europe, and there are also a small amount of exports in Latin America, Africa and Oceania. In recent years, the structure of my country’s export market has been continuously adjusted. Although exports to the United States and Europe account for an absolute proportion, this proportion tends to decrease. Exports to Latin America, Africa and Oceania are showing a significant increase. The reasons for this phenomenon are: on the one hand, the original market is becoming saturated, and market competition is excessively fierce. Most developed countries have strict trade barrier measures, which are easy to cause trade friction; on the other hand, as developing countries and underdeveloped The development of the national economy has created new demand for labor insurance shoes, and my country’s labor insurance shoes production technology and product prices are more suitable for the needs of countries in Latin America, Africa and other regions.

4. Geographical distribution of China’s work shoes exports

The geographical distribution of my country’s safety shoe manufacturers’ exports presents a pattern that is dominated by coastal provinces and cities and relatively concentrated in key areas. Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu have the largest export volume and are the backbone of my country’s work shoe exports, followed by Liaoning, Shandong, and Anhui. In recent years, provinces in central and western China such as Shaanxi, Hebei, and Sichuan have also begun to produce export safety shoes, but In general, the production and export areas of safety shoes are still unbalanced.

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