MKsafety® is a specialized manufacturer of safety shoes and boots in China. It’s located in Gaomi , Shandong Province, China. After years of hard work, our factory has been widely recognized in the safety protection industry..  MKsafety® was granted “ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification“, “3C product certification“, “ISO 14001 Environment Management Certification” and “CE Certification“.

MKsafety® is a specialized manufacturer of safety shoes products in China. MKsafety® was granted “ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification”, “3C product certification”, “ISO 14001 Environment Management Certification” and “CE Certification”. MOQ:500pairs. Factory price.

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MKsafety® – PU sole safety shoes

MKsafety® – Safety trainer

MKsafety® – Safety rain boots

MKsafety® – Safety trainer

MKsafety® – Military boots

MKsafety® – BOA system Safety Shoes

MKsafety® – Rubber sole safety shoes

MKsafety® – Kitchen/food work shoes

Reliable Safety Shoes Products Quality

MKsafety® brand safety shoes products has passed the China Quality Certification Center 3C product certification,EU safety CE certification. MKsafety® brand safety shoes has fully passed ISO9001,ISO14001 Certification and China LA certification.MKsafety® passed the world’s authoritative testing agencies INTERTEK Certification.

Quality Guarantee Of MKsafety® safety shoes

MKsafety® has a testing room covering more than 10 professional testing equipment. Each safety shoe must be professionally tested and can only be shipped after passing the test. At the same time, our safety shoes have also been tested by the international testing agency INTERTEK and obtained CE certification

The Best Safety Shoes For You

  • Most of our safety shoes have passed CE certification
  • The safety shoe manufacturer passed the ISO quality certification
  • The material of safety shoes must be made of shoe materials that meet the EN20345 standard
  • We can produce safety shoes with different functions and different shoe molds
  • Why Choose MKsafety® safety shoes?

    • China has the richest labor force in the world and lower labor costs, which is why we can provide high-quality and lowest-priced safety shoes.
    • Services we provide: OEM, free samples, custom logos (samples will be sent within 3 days).
    • Excellent support team. Provide you with professional pre-sales and after-sales services.

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