Anti-smashing work shoes, that is, protective toe shoes, are also habitually called steel toe cap shoes by many people. But in fact, the protective toe cap of safety shoes is not only a steel toe cap.

There are other conventional safety shoes to protect the toe caps on the market: plastic toe caps, glass fiber toe caps, aluminum toe caps, carbon fiber toe caps and so on.

Steel toe cap is a commonly used protective toe cap for work shoes. Its protective performance is very stable, and its hardness and melting point are greater than aluminum toe caps. Plastic toe caps are lighter than steel toe caps, but they are not suitable for cold areas. The protective toe cap made of carbon fiber, a commonly used aircraft fuselage material, is more used in high-end products.

Small tip: No matter what material the protective toe cap is, it must meet the standard to better protect the foot.

There are also levels of anti-smashing safety shoes:

1. An1 has a relatively good protection level, which is mainly used in metallurgy, mines, ports, ships, quarrying and other workplaces.

2, An2 has a better protection level, which is mainly used in machinery, construction, petrochemical and other operating sites.

3, An3 protection level anti-smashing safety shoes, mainly suitable for electronics, food, hospitals and other workplaces.

4, An4 protection grade anti-smashing safety shoes, mainly suitable for textile industry and other workplaces.

5. The protection level of An5 is relatively low, and it is also suitable for the textile industry and other workplaces with relatively small injuries and bruises.

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