steel toe cap shoes

The steel toe cap is a necessary part of safety shoes, which can reasonably protect the toes from external impact or static pressure.

Steel toe caps are made of aluminum, steel, plastic and glass fiber. They can be embedded in anti-smash safety shoes to protect the toes.

Anti-smashing safety shoes are toe protection shoes, also known as steel toe cap shoes. It refers to a shoe equipped with a metal or non-metal protective toe cap on the front of the shoe, which can withstand a certain force and protect the toes from foreign bodies

General requirements for anti-smashing safety shoes

1. The steel toe cap installed in the shoes cannot be moved without damaging the protective toe shoes.

2. In addition to all-rubber and all-polymer shoes, shoes with internal steel toe caps also have a front lining or a part of the upper as a lining. In addition, the steel toe cap should have an edge covering that extends at least 5mm below the rear edge of the protective toe cap and at least 10mm in the opposite direction.

3. The thickness of the wear-resistant coating on the toe should not be less than 1mm.

Anti-smashing safety shoes usually refer to footwear that can protect the feet from foreseeable injuries worn in different workplaces. Anti-smashing safety shoes are footwear products with high technical content and high added value. The production process of anti-smashing safety shoes has high requirements on raw materials, auxiliary materials, chemicals, machinery and equipment.

The selection and maintenance of anti-smashing safety shoes should be based on the nature and severity of the hazards in the working environment. Labor insurance shoes should have the manufacturer’s product certificate and product manual. Before use, please read the instruction manual according to the conditions of use, and the method of use must be correct. Special protective shoes should be checked and kept clean after use, and stored in a non-polluting and dry place.

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