MKsafety® - MK1320 - White electrical protection anti static shoes with ESD function

Anti-static shoes, as the name suggests, are used in environments where it is necessary to prevent the hazards of static electricity. In the living environment of most of us, there is no need to consider the harm caused by static electricity. However, we should also be able to actually feel the static electricity on our bodies. Especially in winter, when the weather is dry, and when you take off that kind of silk or cotton clothes before going to bed at night, we often hear the sound of “sizzling”, which is the sound of static electricity generated by the clothes because of friction. If we turn off the light, we can also see tiny sparks. This is caused by static electricity.

It can be seen that in some environments where pyrotechnics need to be banned, or places that are sensitive to temperature and sparks, sparks generated by static electricity may bring serious consequences. For example, in some petrochemical industries, special gas industries and some special departments, no sparks can appear. In such an environment, it is necessary to wear suitable anti-static clothing and anti-static shoes. For example, some customers are in the petrochemical industry, and some of their departments involve various flammable gases and flammable liquids. Any point of spark may cause an explosion and cause serious losses. At this time, workers must wear anti-static clothing and anti-static shoes when commuting or operating in such an environment.

As a professional manufacturer of safety shoes and anti-static shoes, Wanli Footwear has been implementing anti-static shoes for many years, so we have accumulated rich experience. Wanli anti-static shoes not only strictly comply with national standards, but also comply with the European Union’s CE standards.

Of course, there are many kinds of anti-static shoes, such as anti-static work shoes, anti-static four-hole shoes, anti-static middle towel shoes, anti-static net shoes, dust-free anti-static shoes and so on. Therefore, the applicable occasions also include pharmaceutical factories, food factories, clean workshops of electronics factories and some special laboratories. The anti-static shoes generally use PU outsoles or soles made of PVC materials. In the production process, it is necessary to put a certain proportion of anti-static liquid into the PU material or PVC material to effectively prevent static electricity. As for some anti-static shoe manufacturers claiming that they can use rubber soles to make anti-static shoes, that is a lie. Or, in order to win orders, some distributors use situations that customers do not understand to fool customers into buying their products. This is very irresponsible. The rubber sole is generally used for insulating shoes because of its better insulation performance. Plus the difference in craftsmanship. Anti-static shoes with rubber soles do not exist. Anti-static shoes are strictly forbidden to be used as insulated shoes. At the same time, when wearing anti-static shoes, you should not use insulated insoles, but should use matching anti-static insoles.

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