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MKsafety® - MK0502 - High top side zip design black military work boots

Due to the unique environmental protection and physical properties of microfiber leather, microfiber leather has been widely used abroad for shoemaking, luggage, automotive interiors and other fields. In China, people generally do not know enough about microfiber leather. They think that microfiber leather is a non-natural product, and it is divided into a field with ordinary leather. It is generally recognized by foreign countries, but with the continuous efforts of microfiber leather manufacturers, it has gradually achieved practical results.

As a new type of bionic simulation material, MKsafety® Co., Ltd. is the first to apply microfiber leather to the design and manufacture of safety shoes, so that more people can understand microfiber leather and enjoy the better benefits brought by microfiber safety shoes. High comfort.

Microfiber synthetic leather is a high-tech product, and its development is mainly concentrated in Asia, where Japan started early and has advanced levels. At present, the domestic synthetic leather industry is developing rapidly, the technology is mature, and it has reached the advanced level.

Due to the limited natural leather resources, with the advancement of science and technology and the improvement of people’s living standards, the development of high-quality artificial leather to meet market demand has become an urgent problem to be solved. Because the base fabric is made of microfiber, the microfiber synthetic leather has good elasticity, high strength, soft hand feel and good air permeability. Many of its physical properties have greatly exceeded that of natural leather, and its external performance has the characteristics of natural leather. In an industrial sense, it is not only suitable for modern scale production, but also protects ecology, reduces environmental pollution, and makes full use of non-natural resources. Therefore, some people call it the fourth-generation artificial leather and imitation ecological functional leather. It has the inherent moisture absorption and breathability of natural leather, and is outstanding in chemical resistance, water resistance, mildew resistance, quality stability and uniformity.

Microfiber synthetic leather consists of two parts, nylon microfiber and polyurethane, which are tightly joined together. In the base fabric structure, the microfibers are three-dimensionally cross-linked together to play the role of skeleton and support, forming a structure similar to dermal collagen fibers. Distributed around the fibers is polyurethane, which makes the entire synthetic leather base form a whole and has many functions. It is not simply filled in the leather body, but has many circular, needle-shaped foam structures, and the whole is in a three-dimensional network shape. The foaming structures in between are interlaced and connected to form a fine transparent structure, so that the leather body has excellent breathability and moisture permeability.

Compared with traditional safety shoes, microfiber safety shoes have the following advantages:

1. Lightweight. Compared with the same area of ​​microfiber leather and natural cowhide or transfer film, the weight is only 1/3 of cowhide, reducing the foot load of safety shoes. Including the steel toe, the whole pair of shoes (for example, size 40) weighs only 0.7 kg, which is about 1/2 lighter than traditional polyurethane safety shoes (about 1.4 kg) and about 3/5 lighter than traditional rubber-soled safety shoes (1.8 kg). , so that the light safety shoes work more easily;

2. Better air permeability. Microfiber leather is high-grade bionic leather, which has the inherent breathability of natural cowhide, but through the efforts of scientific researchers, its air permeability is better than that of natural cowhide. The reason why shoes emit moisture and heat after intense exercise. Therefore, some people also call microfiber leather “breathing leather”.

3. The softness of the leather surface. Since the microfiber leather is composed of nylon microfiber, polyurethane and reticulated microbubbles, it has higher softness than natural cowhide, which is one of the main reasons why foreign high-end sports shoes use microfiber leather.

4. Stable uniformity of material properties. Due to the influence of the origin, processing technology, leather surface parts (such as the abdomen, back, neck, etc.) of natural cowhide, its thickness is uneven, tensile properties and tearing properties are inconsistent, and surface finish is different, etc., and the quality of the upper surface is stable. Sexual influence is greater. However, microfiber leather is produced in large quantities, with the same properties and uniform thickness. It is used to produce safety shoe uppers to ensure the stability and uniformity of the quality of the uppers without deformation.

5. It is suitable for the development of new fashionable safety shoes styles. The traditional safety shoe upper has a single material, while the microfiber leather has rich colors and a soft and full surface. It is especially suitable for the development of casual and fashionable safety shoes, which has changed the visual fatigue of traditional safety shoes. Only employees who like to wear them will make the work of the safety supervision department easier. .

6, maintenance is simple, can be washed. There is no need for strict maintenance, and the cleaning of the upper is very simple and convenient. If there is dirt on the surface, you can directly wipe it with water. You can even throw the shoes directly into the washing machine to wash and dry them, so that the inside of the shoes and the upper of the shoes can be cleaned at the same time. In addition to cloth shoes and rain boots, this is a safety shoe that can be washed directly to achieve the effect of cleaning the upper and the inside of the shoe at the same time.

7. Water repellency: According to user needs, microfiber leather can also be made waterproof.

MKsafety® – Safety Shoes Series Microfiber safety shoes combine the material technology of American REDWING work shoes, PUMA, ADIDAS sports shoes and luxury GUCCI, invest in the development of 2 sets of new outsole, and improve the production process and outsole material formula, After the product is formed, there is no need for post-processing modification, and the anti-skid and wear-resistant properties are more prominent.

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