Rubber is referred to as RU, which has good elasticity, tear resistance, stretchability, and alkali resistance. The safety shoes produced by RU have good wear resistance and excellent tensile and anti-breaking bottom performance, and the rubber cost is low. , the raw materials are easier to purchase. Natural rubber has good alkali resistance, and through effective vulcanization, the elasticity and stretchability of the rubber can be improved, and the aging of the rubber can be delayed. For example, by mixing with some chemical substances (such as cis-butadiene, styrene-butadiene, etc.), and then vulcanized, it will effectively enhance the properties of rubber: electrical insulation properties, wear resistance, aging resistance and rubber hardness.

Some professional shoes produced by MKsafety® use RU/PU outsole, which has superior wear resistance and shock-absorbing cushioning performance. Whether you are in a business office or a gathering of friends, you can ride it as you like.

There are many combinations of sole materials, and lifting is related to the combination of rubber (RU). Such as polyurethane/rubber (PU/RU), rubber/rubber (RU/RU) and so on. The new technology for the soles of Anbang Polly series safety shoes has rubber/polyurethane soles. The soles made of this new technology are fashionable and simple, non-slip and wear-resistant.

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