safety work shoes

Many people often come to consult, how can they become a distributor of safety shoes? What are the benefits and policies of safety shoe distributors? Today, I will explain the relevant policies to everyone.

Safety shoe dealers choose brands, and choose those with a longer production time as much as possible, those with their own factories, complete qualifications, and a complete dealer system. And to know whether the brand can be considered for the dealer.

The relationship between good safety shoe manufacturers and distributors is based on the same-minded, idealistic, complementary resources, mutual achievement, and common prosperity and development.

1. Distributors are worried about overstocking and occupying inventory.

Safety shoe manufacturers should stock enough goods to avoid the pressure of pressing goods and occupying funds, but also make the labor insurance shoes you have been selling for a long time to continue to be stocked.

2. Dealers worry that their customers will be pried away by other dealers.

Safety shoe manufacturers must be able to be the exclusive regional agent and price control. Avoid fleeing goods.

3. Dealers worry about incomplete company qualifications and insufficient customer cases.

Safety shoe manufacturers must be able to provide a full set of qualification authorization, industry customer cases, and assist in bidding.

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