Can anti-static work shoes use insoles?

anti static safety shoes

Although this question sounds a bit nonsensical, many people have indeed asked this question. This is because we are worried that putting insoles in anti-static shoes will affect the anti-static performance and conductive performance of the shoes. It will reduce the performance of the shoes. For the same question, some people will ask whether you can wear socks in anti-static shoes. In fact, we don’t have to worry about these problems. As long as we don’t deliberately wear some insoles with electrical insulation Socks will not have this possibility

We must first understand how anti-static shoes work. Anti-static shoes guide the static electricity in the human body through conductive materials, so anti-static shoes have good electrical conductivity and are generally used in some pharmaceutical factories, food factories, etc. In places that are prone to static electricity damage, static electricity can cause dangerous events such as fire and explosion. We must not underestimate the damage of static electricity, which is more likely to cause fire and other dangerous accidents.

Let’s continue to talk about insoles and socks. Generally speaking, our insoles and socks will not affect the anti-static performance of shoes, but we should be careful not to buy some insoles and socks with strong insulation properties. Greatly affects the performance of our shoes.

Of course, when we buy these two things, we must also pay attention not to buy the ones with fluff. People with a little common sense know that objects with fluff are easy to generate static electricity. We must learn to avoid the generation of these static electricity. In addition, in addition to our footsteps, including anti-static clothing and other things, we also need to pay attention to maintenance and maintenance. After use, we should clean them and place them in a cool place to prevent long-term exposure to the soles and uppers of the shoes. Dry cracking and other problems, a good maintenance method can greatly extend the service life of anti-static shoes.

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