Can the helmet be used after being impacted?

safety helmet

When an object falls in the air, the helmet can protect the head from injury. It is undoubtedly a very important protective measure. Therefore, everyone needs to wear the helmet correctly to prevent accidental injury.
Wear a safety helmet. The helmet is blocked between the falling object and the head. It can absorb the impact of the falling object and protect the head. However, the helmet can still play a protective role after being impacted. Can you continue to use it? ? The answer is no, as long as it has received a strong impact, the helmet can no longer absorb other impacts. For safety reasons, even if the helmet has no cracks or traces after being impacted, it needs to be scrapped.

So, for helmets that have not been impacted, does it mean that they can be used all the time? The answer is also no. The safety helmet is made of plastic, and it will age when exposed to sunlight or temperature, which will affect the protective effect. The service life of plastic safety helmets does not exceed three and a half years (see “Hard Hat Service Period” for details), and if it is used irregularly during the period, the service life will be shortened.
Daily maintenance of helmets:
1. Do not punch holes in the helmet at will. If you wear it when it is stuffy, it is recommended to choose a helmet with good air permeability;
2. Although some helmets have high temperature resistance properties, long-term exposure to the sun will accelerate the aging and affect the service life;
3. The helmet cannot be placed in a chemical environment such as acid and alkali to avoid deterioration.

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