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Many of my friends work in industries such as catering and hotels, and these industries have certain requirements for dressing. Especially if you are working in the kitchen, oil, water or detergent will often appear on the floor. At this time, if you don’t have a pair of suitable chef’s work shoes, there will be a hidden danger of slipping. So how to choose a suitable pair of non-slip chef work shoes? Let’s look at it next.

What are the functions of non-slip chef work shoes?
1. Greater anti-skid coefficient. The difference between non-slip chef’s work shoes and ordinary shoes is that the sole must increase the friction between the shoe and the ground, so as to ensure that the user can stand firm even when it is wet or greasy. The non-slip chef’s work shoes use a special non-slip sole, which has a special pattern to resist smooth surfaces and is designed to help reduce accidents. At the same time, the diversion groove of the sole can ensure that the user can smoothly discharge the water and oil on the ground while wearing, and reduce the chance of slipping.
2. The sole is resistant to high temperature. Since kitchen shoes need to be frequently exposed to hot oil and hot water and other high-temperature substances, these also add a little safety hazard to users, so non-slip chefs’ shoes also need to have a certain degree of heat resistance. The non-slip chef’s work shoes increase the thickness of the sole to ensure that the chef’s work shoes have high temperature resistance and prevent the hot oil from scalding the toes and causing damage to the user.
3. Lightweight and wearable. Some non-slip chef work shoes are of guaranteed quality and are more durable and durable. Some non-slip chef work shoes are designed with high-quality materials, so that the user’s feet are well protected. The chef’s work shoes manufacturers with brand and reputation will basically not cut corners on the materials. The service life of high-quality chef’s work shoes is longer than that of ordinary shoes, ensuring that users are value for money. In addition, the quality of some chefs’ non-slip work shoes far exceeds the industry average and can stand the test of time.

If a catering company or distributor purchases chef shoes, there are a few things to pay attention to.
1. The chef’s shoes must have an anti-slip inspection report. Chef shoes are a kind of functional shoes. Ask a chef shoe manufacturer for an anti-skid inspection report to see if the anti-skid meets the national standard. Some chef shoe manufacturers say that they can slip and stop slipping on oil and water, but if they can’t hold the inspection report, at least it means that they are not particularly regular manufacturers.
2. Try it on in the actual working environment. When purchasing in bulk, you can find a chef shoe manufacturer to take one or two pairs of chef shoes and wear them in the actual working environment. See if it can achieve sufficient anti-skid and anti-slip effect in the real environment. No amount of publicity is as good as trying on a pair of non-slip chef shoes in the actual working environment.
3. Don’t be greedy for cheap. According to feedback from many buyers, when purchasing chef shoes, it is easy to be greedy for cheap, causing the purchased chef shoes to be worn for a long time, the anti-skid ability is reduced, after-sales service cannot keep up, and you have to re-purchase, which takes more time. And costs. Individual purchases are better. For bulk purchases, the anti-slip, waterproof and oil-resistant of chef shoes is of course important, and service is also very important. Low price is difficult to have a good after-sales service guarantee.

When choosing non-slip chef work shoes, pay attention to the performance of oil resistance, corrosion resistance and anti-smashing. The non-slip chef shoe soles are resistant to oil and corrosion and are not easy to rot. The cowhide material is used to increase the breathability, moisture absorption and odor resistance of the kitchen shoes. The built-in steel head or plastic hard head in the toe cap prevents sharp objects such as kitchen knives and heavy objects from hitting the feet, which can be said to provide users with multiple protections.

Seeing the latter, there will always be some dry goods benefits. At present, the non-slip chef shoes that meet the national standard cannot guarantee the non-slip and anti-slip on the surface of oil, water and detergent. The national standard is more like a bottom line. At present, the EU anti-skid standards are recognized internationally, including SRA, SRB, and SRC.
SRC non-slip chef shoes are basically on the surface of oil and water, and there is no problem with non-slip and anti-slip. If there is a chef shoe brand promotion that can reach SRC, be sure to ask the chef shoe brand manufacturer to provide an inspection report.

Choosing a suitable and comfortable non-slip chef’s work shoes generally needs to pay attention to the above points. I hope that through today’s instructions, everyone will have a better understanding of the role, purchase and precautions of non-slip chef shoes.

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