MKsafety® - MK0905 - Brown low top stylish executive steel toe boots-details

Since the reform and opening up, China’s foreign merchandise trade has also entered a new stage. Many Chinese businesses have targeted overseas markets and embarked on the path of international development. For domestic shoe companies that have always been known as the “world processing factory”, although China’s safety shoe manufacturers have never neglected in international innovation in recent years, it is more reflected in the innovation and internationalization of safety shoes. on. There are still few core footwear technologies and high-end products that can be highly recognized by international aesthetic trends in China. The Chinese safety protection footwear market is urgently waiting for the emergence of a brand that can lead Chinese safety footwear companies to high-end internationalization. After “traditional manufacturing” has turned to “marketing”, it is a powerful signal to “innovative research and development”.
The leather body is thick and soft, and the silver-gray mesh fabric is inlaid with contrasting treatment, which not only changes the visual effect of the product appearance, but also mainly improves the product’s breathability. The front lining adopts anti-kick protection rubber sheet, and the shoe eye adopts safety warning color. -Yellow webbing, although the process is complicated and cumbersome, it also reflects the safety protection characteristics of the product. Safety, fashion, craftsmanship, materials, comfort, health, technology! The emergence of Anbang safety shoes under MKsafety® Co., Ltd. undoubtedly attracted the attention of many international safety protection shoes brands. Thanks to its strong R&D and design capabilities and the world’s most advanced DESMA injection shoe machine production equipment in Germany, Anbang is pleased to adopt the theme of “new technology, new materials, safer, more comfortable, and more fashionable”. Launched the world’s first microfiber fashion safety shoes. According to internal sources, the new microfiber fashion safety shoes landed on the CHINA market on May 1, 2012, and the sales of MKsafety® safety shoes in the domestic market have maintained strong growth. And with the increase in franchisees of the brand this year, the company has withstood the pressure strongly and won the order cooperation of large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises and multinational groups such as Sinopec, PetroChina, Daqing Oilfield and so on.
Quality is the foundation of MKsafety®’s management. For Chen, quality is a step-by-step demonstration until reaching the standard, which is the case when doing international standard product mark certification. In 2011, MKsafety® passed the “International Standard Product Marking Certificate” [Certificate Number: 2011 3100C0205].
It is the pursuit of quality that MKsafety® can be recognized by the industry and achieve further development. MKsafety® has been approved to use the “International Standard Product Mark”, marking that MKsafety®’s safety footwear products have entered the list of international advanced production enterprises. According to the quality inspection procedures and standards, the use of the logo of “adopting the international standard product logo” represents the guarantee that the product quality and safety have excellent quality and reach the international advanced level. The enterprise will bear the responsibility for product quality and safety when using this logo. With corresponding legal responsibilities, consumers can purchase with more confidence. “Adopting the international standard product mark” is conducive to MKsafety® to further improve the reputation and social visibility of safety shoes series products, and is of great significance for expanding the market, expanding sales, and improving the company’s competitiveness and economic benefits. At present, on the basis of strengthening and consolidating the domestic mainland market, the company is also gradually accelerating its network layout in the United States, Canada, Australia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries to establish an overseas branch integrating R&D, marketing, and logistics. mechanism.
Of course, in addition to the clear layout of overseas market lines, MKsafety® has always adhered to the brand road of high-end safety shoes winning by quality. After all, quality is the guarantee of product sales and the basis for products to enter the international market. For example, as far as the current international shoe consumer market is concerned, due to various international high-price turmoil, many high-end shoe consumers have improved their brand quality requirements to a certain extent, and they often prefer to choose MKsafety®. Lightweight, safe, comfortable and fashionable, high-quality safety shoes brand. To this end, MKsafety® Safety Shoes R&D Center has also set up a special design room to organize an international R&D team composed of designers from China, Italy and other countries, and continue to provide a variety of high-quality and high-standard safety shoes that lead the international fashion trend. Product Series.

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