Cleaning and maintenance of work shoes (nubuck leather)

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Nubuck leather is a shoe material obtained by treating the leather to expose a neat and uniform leather fiber structure and then dyeing it. Because of the delicate texture, it gives people a thick and warm feeling, and this kind of shoe material is often used in winter boots. see above.

The nubuck leather for work shoes is one of the more delicate types of shoe materials. The so-called delicate does not mean that the quality of the shoes is not good, but because the nubuck leather is easily contaminated with dust, not to mention the light-colored series, including black and brown. The color is also dirty and non-negotiable. It must be fully revealed, and there is no room for hiding; after the shoes are worn due to wearing, the fibers on the surface will gradually fall off, and the leather will become smooth, forming a discordant contrast with the surrounding rough matte, which is also very influential. beautiful.

How to clean and maintain nubuck work shoes?

f the nubuck work shoes are stained with dust, do not wipe them with a damp cloth, otherwise the area of ​​dust will become larger and larger. The better way is to use a large and soft brush to lightly brush or lightly dust the shoe upper, and gently dust off the dust If the stain is difficult to remove, use a damp cloth to remove the stain by tapping and dipping, so as not to cause the stain surface to continue to expand. Don’t wear nubuck work shoes in rainy and snowy weather. Nude leather work shoes will be difficult to take care of once they are wet in a large area, and the leather will become hard.

How to take care of nubuck leather? If you are not sure about the nubuck leather, please send the shoes to a shoe repair shop for maintenance. Of course, you can also apply the shoe powder that matches the color of the safety shoes evenly on the surface of the shoes, and brush off the excess with a soft brush.

There are a few things to keep in mind when caring for nubuck leather safety shoes. If the shoes need to be stored for at least 1 day, the storage work should be carried out under the condition of ensuring that the work shoes are dry. Otherwise, if the shoes are stored with moisture, the shoes will easily become moldy in the shoe box. Don’t throw away the paper balls that come with the shoe box when you buy the shoes. When you store the shoes, you need to put the paper balls back into the shoes to play the same supporting role as the shoe braces.

Prevent the shoes from being deformed in the shoe box; if they are long boots, remember to use a cylinder made of a cotton T-shirt in the boot competition, which can not only support the shoe shaft, but also prevent moisture, which is better than using a hard object to support better result. After the shoes are put into the shoe box, wrap the shoe box with the paper in the shoe box to prevent the shoes from rubbing against each other and cause damage to the leather surface. Put the desiccant in, and store the shoe box in a cool and dry place after finishing.

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