Composition of safety shoes

high-quality safety shoes

1. Shoe upper: There are many leather materials used to make shoe uppers, mainly artificial cowhide and natural cowhide. There are usually yellow leather, buffalo leather, etc. These are expensive and are usually used to produce high-quality safety shoes. Comfortable and breathable when wearing, superior folding resistance of the upper. The safety shoes produced by MKsafety® can be made of specified materials according to customer needs. No degumming, constant bottom, breathable and comfortable.

2. Lining: The raw materials of shoe lining are mainly divided into BK mesh lining, Canberra and leather lining.

3. Sole: The sole materials of safety shoes commonly used on the market are mainly composed of polyurethane (PU), natural rubber sole, beef tendon sole, EVA+rubber combined sole and so on. Sometimes these materials are combined with each other in order to better integrate the performance of the sole. For example, the combination of polyurethane (PU) and rubber can better reflect the performance of the two soles. The soles with special functions, such as high temperature resistance, insulation, anti-static, strong oil resistance, strong acid resistance, and labor protection shoes, need to be manufactured according to their functions.

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