electrical insulation safety shoes

Safety shoes with insulating function are electrically insulating safety shoes, defined as follows
Electricians refer to persons (types of work) engaged in industrial production systems such as power production, electrical manufacturing, electrical maintenance, and construction and installation industries. Insulated safety shoes refer to protective shoes (boots) that can insulate human feet from charged objects and prevent electric shock.

1. Electrically insulated leather shoes products

Nowadays, a wide range of insulated safety shoes are produced and sold on the market. The difference between electrical insulated shoes and ordinary leather shoes is that they require the outsole to be made of insulating rubber or other insulating materials, without metal hooks and other accessories.

2. Fabric low-voltage insulated rubber-soled shoes products

This kind of products are old products. In the past, military green fabrics were mostly used, but the existing ones were changed to sports shoes. Low-voltage insulating cloth-covered rubber-soled shoes are suitable for indoor electricians and practical, while high-voltage insulating cloth covers are suitable for electricians’ fences and wires. Do not remember the two, otherwise there will be a risk of electric shock. (Note: There are still products on the market, which are usually semi-eliminated products. Basically, enterprises of a certain size will choose insulated leather shoes)

3. All rubber electric insulation boots products

Good insulation performance, suitable for all kinds of electrical workers (except climbing operations) to wear, here are usually high-voltage insulation, such as 15KV, 25KV, 35KV insulation boots, etc. There are even insulated boots used for live operations. Please refer to the product description for details. Insulated shoes should not be used at will for live working, and there must be strict procurement procedures and safety guidance. Colleagues should pay attention to keeping the shoes dry when using them.

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