Customize safety shoes to create individual needs

Custom shoes are a well-known term, but few people have really come into contact with them. In the past, they made people think that they were a symbol of successful people or wealthy people at high prices. The same size and mass production, cheap prices are what ordinary people think is more acceptable, but with the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s requirements for life are getting higher and higher, and the word personalized customization has begun to be put forward and become more and more popular. The more people accept it, the rise of various customized services is also derived from the development of such personalized customized services.

In the past, custom-made shoes must first make an appointment, select materials and styles, go to a special measurement department to measure foot shape, use the measurement data to make shoe lasts, and make shoe lasts based on relevant data such as gender, age, weight, and focus when walking. It is also very different, and finally use the produced shoe last for post-production. Before the manufactured shoe can completely match the user’s foot, it needs to be adjusted more than two times in order to truly reach the standard of customer satisfaction.
The foot scanner is used to quickly scan the soles, metal models and physical molds to obtain point cloud data. After processing, a CAD three-dimensional data model can be obtained, which can be applied to the design of shoe soles and shoe last molds. Integrate shoe last digital technology with CNC machine tools, establish a personalized shoe last database, and realize the integration of foot shape scanning and shoe last design and production. According to the specific needs of users, customize shoe lasts in terms of size, comfort, and sports physiological characteristics. Modification to shorten the production cycle of personalized customized shoes.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and the feet are the foundation of a person’s motivation to do things. Safety shoes can also be customized. The customized safety shoes are made completely according to the user’s individual data, which avoids individual discomfort caused by mass production. Although it often takes several months to complete such a pair of customized safety shoes. The price is also much more expensive than ordinary safety shoes, but it meets individual needs, as long as the positioning is accurate, there is still its own market.

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