Daily maintenance and storage methods of electrical insulation safety shoes


In daily life, it is not difficult for us to find that if we maintain a pair of shoes regularly, the shoes will last longer. As for safety shoes, we must not only maintain them frequently, but also pay attention to the environment of their function 11. Wear them in a suitable environment to make the shoes last longer. Today we will take a look at the maintenance and storage methods of electrically insulating safety shoes.
1. Generally, electrically insulated leather shoes are suitable for workers to wear when working on power equipment with AC 50Hz, 1000V or less or DC 1500V as auxiliary safety equipment and labor protection equipment. The staff use insulated leather shoes, which can be used with basic appliances to touch the live parts, and can be used to protect the clicks caused by the step voltage.

2. Electrically insulated safety shoes should not be damp, and it is strictly forbidden to use them when damp. In fact, once they get damp, they should be placed in a ventilated and cool place to dry naturally to avoid deformation and damage of insulated safety shoes. It should be noted that after the sole is pierced by a foreign body, it cannot be used as an insulated leather shoe.

三. We should also pay attention to the maintenance of the leather surface of the leather shoes and polish the shoe polish frequently. The wiping method is: we can wipe off the dust on the surface of the leather shoes with a clean soft cloth, then squeeze the shoe polish on the cloth and apply it evenly on the shoe surface, and wipe it after the shoe polish is slightly dry.

4. Electrically insulated shoes should not be worn on rainy days, and do not wash them in water, otherwise they are prone to disconnection, degumming, discoloration, and salt frost.

5. It should be noted that leather shoes should not be in contact with oils, acids, alkalis and sharp substances to prevent corrosion, deformation, damage and other phenomena.

6. In fact, special attention should be paid to the wearing of colored leather shoes (including white). Under normal circumstances, sewage, dirt, tea stains, cola, etc. should not be touched, otherwise stains will be left on the safety shoes and the original color of the leather shoes will be affected. damage.

Seven. In fact, it is normal for electrical insulation work shoes to appear slightly wrinkled and slightly deformed after being worn.

8. Electrically insulated work shoes are prone to salt and frost when they are exposed to moisture or foot sweat. For example, if there is a pan-salt frost phenomenon, you can use gauze or cotton with a small amount of warm water to wipe off the white salt frost on the upper, then put the shoes in a ventilated place to cool dry, and then wipe with shoe polish. Can be restored to its original state. So keep the shoes dry.

IX. When storing electrically insulating work shoes, pay attention to keeping the shoes clean and dry, and carefully apply shoe polish to make them naturally flat: After storing for a period of time (especially in the rainy season), we should always keep the shoes cool and dry, and pay attention. Re-wipe the shoe polish to prevent mildew.

The maintenance and storage methods of electrically insulating work shoes mainly have the above nine points, I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

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