Differences and similarities between conductive shoes and anti-static shoes

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Anti-static shoes and conductive shoes are two types of safety shoes with different functions. They mainly have the following characteristics:

1. Anti-static shoes should be used together with anti-static clothing, which can effectively prevent static electricity.

2. When wearing conductive shoes and anti-static shoes, they cannot be used with insulating insoles. These two kinds of safety shoes cannot be used together in function. Conductive shoes and anti-static shoes have the same function, which is to eliminate static electricity from the human body. However, anti-static shoes can also prevent electric shocks below 250V, while conductive shoes must never be used in places of electric shock.

3. After the conductive shoes and anti-static shoes are used, please carry out maintenance treatment, and a shoe resistance value test needs to be carried out after a period of use.

4. Anti-static shoes must not be used as insulating shoes.

5. The ground environment used by conductive shoes and anti-static shoes is different. The use place of anti-static shoes is anti-static ground, and the use place of conductive shoes is ground that can conduct electricity.

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