Difficulties and Prevention of Glue Opening of Work Shoes

Work Shoes

After the shoes are purchased and worn for a period of time, because of continuous bending, it is easier to produce localized small total area of ​​glue, and work shoes will also produce the same situation. How to deal with the large-scale glue opening of work shoes, increase the service life of work shoes, and save product costs, then people must discuss in detail.

Next, the green MKsafety® will discuss in detail from the production process of work shoes and the application of customers.

The production process of working shoe glue:

1. Shoe body negligence: wrong operation of treatment agent and glue, different skins must be tested for treatment agent and glue, and the adhesion resistance can be applied after reaching the standard. The shoe body is not polished in place, and the skin surface is not completely destroyed.

2. The sole is negligent: the treatment agent and glue are not in place, and the sole is not polished.

3. Wrong operation of treatment agent and glue: not completely air-dried, insufficient epoxy curing agent in the glue, and excessive glue application.

4. Working pressure and pressing time: If it is cold-adhesive forming, after the surface and bottom are catered to, sufficient working pressure and pressing time must be ensured.

The reasons for the application of work shoe glue:

1. There is no proper maintenance.

2. Work shoe glue is easy to open when heated, and it is not easy to expose to the sun or touch the pyrogen.

3. Newly bought work shoes cannot be used for a long time.

4. Can not touch the precipitation for a long time, and can not clean it up in the water for a long time.

5. Newly bought work shoes cannot be used for a long time.

Ways to prevent work shoes from opening glue:

1. Ensure that the bottom surface is polished and polished in place.

2. Air dry as much as possible when solving, and increase the temperature.

3. Accurately identify the type of sole material of the shoe body and adopt relative treatment agent.

4. Add sufficient epoxy curing agent to the glue.

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