Do you know how long the validity period of anti-smashing safety shoes is?

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Anti-smashing safety shoes are a kind of safety protection products to protect workers’ feet from being injured by other foreign objects during production and labor. Compared with ordinary shoes, anti-smashing safety shoes are very different in material and shoe body structure. For example, the toe cap is designed with a steel toe cap, and the sole material is made of high-density PU material, so how long is the validity period of the anti-smashing safety shoes? What aspects should be paid attention to when choosing and using anti-smashing shoes? Let’s come together with MKsafety® Understand it!

Anti-smashing safety shoes are in accordance with international standards and are qualified products that meet the international safety shoes standards. The international mandatory three-pack policy, broken bottom, cross-section, and open glue, will be exchanged and returned within three months after sale.

In practice, the service life of safety shoes mainly depends on the working environment in which the safety shoes are used and the user’s use status. A good environment and low use intensity can be worn for one to three years. The environment is harsh, chemical plants, electroplating workshops, etc., are highly corrosive, almost three months. Therefore, there are basically no hard and fast rules for the replacement of safety shoes. Main considerations: safety performance, comfort and quality.

The selection and use of anti-smashing safety shoes need to pay attention to safety matters:

1. In addition to the anti-smashing and anti-puncture functions, it should also fit the feet to ensure comfort without affecting the operation. This requires that the appropriate size must be selected when purchasing;

2. When using anti-smashing safety shoes, you should carefully check or test for damage, cracks or other problems. If you can’t provide anti-smashing, anti-perforation and other protection, they must be replaced in time;

3. The anti-smashing safety shoes should be cleaned after use and stored properly to extend the service life.

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