Mksafety® - mk0502 - high top side zip design black military work boots

Sometimes the work shoes we wear occasionally have broken bottoms. People who don’t know the situation think that the production quality is not up to standard, but the actual situation is that the production is not up to standard. It is some broken bottom caused by improper use. Let me lead you to understand more deeply.

The first situation: It is what we usually call production problems, which are caused by some improper mistakes in production. Some shoes have broken bottoms. These reasons are generally as follows:

1. Improper mold temperature: The production of work shoes has relatively high technical requirements. If the temperature of the mold is not correct, it will cause bubbles and cracks in the sole during pouring, which is more likely to cause broken bottoms. .

2. The length of the pouring time is not sure: we all know that when pouring some appliances, the liquid will cool and solidify very quickly when exposed to the air, so the pouring time is very important. If the time is too long, it will cause the sole of the shoe. Pre-cured, not fully integrated

The second situation is caused by our improper use

1. We sometimes change the structure of work shoes privately, such as adding some uppers, which will greatly damage the performance of work shoes and even cause broken bottoms.

2. When we use it, we must learn to keep the work shoes clean and tidy. After we finish working, we must remember to clean our shoes, which can prevent the soles from curing and breaking more easily.

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