Electrician safety shoe price

Electrician safety shoe

It’s the time to purchase seasonal safety work shoes every year, and many companies’ purchasers have begun to purchase electrical shoes. In these consultations, the price of electrical shoes is the most frequently asked. Today, the editor of safety work shoes will give a unified reply to everyone’s questions about electrical shoes. Price-related inquiries.

Why is the price of electrical shoes more expensive than ordinary protective shoes?

Electrician shoes are also special insulated safety shoes. These performance safety shoes have strict requirements on the leakage resistance of the finished shoe, the electrical performance of the finished shoe, and the thickness of the upper. The details are as follows:

The adhesion strength requirements of the rubber shoe upper and the belt of the electrician shoes

Standard requirements: strength should be greater than or equal to 2.0 kN/m; test environment temperature: 23℃±2℃; relative humidity: 50%±10%.
Leakproof performance of electrician shoes (full rubber, full polymer shoes)
Standard requirements: There should be no air leakage in the finished shoes (boots). Test environment temperature: 23℃±2℃.

Electrical performance requirements for finished electrician shoes

Standard requirements: 6kV leather shoes; test voltage (power frequency) is 6kV, test time is 1min, leakage current ≤1.8mA; test environment temperature: 15℃-35℃, relative humidity: 45%-75%.

Electrician shoe upper thickness requirements

Standard requirements: leather ≥1.2mm; rubber ≥1.5mm; polymer material ≥1.0mm; fabric ≥0.8mm. Test environment temperature: 23℃±2℃; relative humidity: 50%±10%.
Therefore, every pair of electrician shoes that meets the requirements must meet the above standards. In the development and production of electrician shoes, they are produced in strict accordance with the standard requirements to ensure that every pair of electrician shoes that can be worn on the feet of electrician friends can not only perform Very good protection, but also make everyone wear comfortable.

The price of electrician shoes is sometimes a reflection of its quality, but I think that if you wear electrician shoes, as long as you avoid the following scenes, a pair of qualified electrician shoes can still be worn for a long time.
(1) Avoid contact with sharp objects to prevent dangers caused by sharp objects piercing the insulating layer of shoes
(2) Avoid contact with high temperature, oil, acid, alkali and corrosive substances.
If it can be used together with a pair of insulating gloves or insulating clothing and other insulating materials during operation, the protective effect will be better.

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