European CE safety shoes protection standard

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EN344-1/EN ISO 20344
This standard specifies the requirements for safety shoes, protective boots and work shoes, as well as the testing methods for these types of shoes. This standard should be used in conjunction with EN345-1/EN ISO 20345, EN346-1/EN ISO 20346 and EN347-1/EN ISO 20347. These three standards respectively stipulate various related requirements for the protection registration and functions of the above safety shoes.
Safety shoes specifications EN345-1/EN ISO 20345
With reference to the EN344-1/EN ISO 20344 standard, this European standard specifies the basic and additional requirements for safety shoes marked with “S”. These safety shoes are designed and equipped with anti-smashing safety toe caps, which can withstand a maximum of 200 joules. The impact and 15 kN squeeze.

EN345-1 is the main European CE safety footwear standard. At present, the European standard safety shoes are generally produced in accordance with EN345-1. The EN345-1 safety footwear standard is divided into six categories: SB, SBP, S1, S1P, S2, and S3. Dongfangshuo labor insurance shoes are now produced in accordance with the European CE EN345-1 standard. Here is a brief introduction for you as follows:
SB is the most basic category of S safety shoes
SB safety shoes stipulate that safety shoes are lined with wear-resistant, sweat-absorbing, impact-resistant steel toe, shock-proof and sweat-absorbing insoles, and the outsole must have the advantages of wear-resistant, shock-proof and anti-slip.
Compared with SB safety shoes, SBP safety shoes have a puncture-proof steel midsole.
Compared with SBP safety shoes, S1 safety shoes have the functions of outsole oil resistance and outsole anti-static.
Compared with S1 safety shoes, S1P safety shoes have a puncture-resistant steel midsole.
The S2 safety shoes have the water-repellent function of the skin on the basis of S1.
S3 safety shoes are the category with the highest specifications in the European CE EN345-1/EN ISO 20345 standards. S3 safety shoes are based on S2 safety shoes with the addition of water-repellent surface leather.

Specification of P type safety shoes EN346-1/EN ISO 20346
This type of safety shoes is designed and equipped with an anti-smashing safety toe cap, which can withstand a maximum impact of 100 joules and a squeeze of 10 kN

O-type safety shoes specifications EN347-1/EN ISO 20347
This type of work shoes is different from labor protection shoes and protective shoes because they are not equipped with a safety toe cap, so they cannot resist impact and squeeze.

Based on the above, everyone briefly understands the European safety shoes standards. In fact, the Chinese safety shoes standard GB21148-2007, special grade and other high-grade safety shoes standards are roughly equivalent to the European high-standard EN345-1 standard; when you buy safety shoes, you can ask the dealer for an inspection report to find out!

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