MKsafety® - MK0110 - Reflective design and wear-resistant leather high quality work shoes
It is inevitable that you will encounter dangerous scenes in your life. If you do not take some protective measures, it is very likely to cause harm to the human body. As one of the protective measures, work shoes are also very important to us, not to mention their role in the arduous steel forging workshop.
In the steel forging production process, the equipment is very heavy, and the impact force issued during the tempering is also very large. The equipment is prone to damage when subjected to overload force, such as the hammer handle suddenly breaks and falls. Once this happens, workers are often unable to react, because things happen too suddenly, and they will be injured if they don’t have time to avoid them.
You should wear work shoes to protect your feet from injury during the production process. Accidents will never give you enough time to protect, and what can be done can only be prevented in advance, so the foot protection of the workers in the forging workshop is particularly important.

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