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high-temperature-resistant work shoes

The working environment that many friends are engaged in often faces the challenge of high temperature. Although they have been matched with high-temperature-resistant work shoes, they are still inevitably damaged and cracked. Once these problems occur with work shoes, you must not continue to use them, otherwise more dangerous situations will occur. Moreover, heat-resistant shoes are labor insurance products, and generally relevant units or enterprises need to equip their employees. Faced with such a large number of high-temperature-resistant footwear needs of enterprises, it is necessary to find manufacturers of high-temperature resistant shoes directly sold by the factory to purchase. So how to choose a manufacturer of high-temperature shoes?

What are the requirements for manufacturers of high-temperature work shoes?

1. Have a business license issued by the administrative department for industry and commerce. Heat-resistant shoes belong to a labor insurance brand, so a formal manufacturer of labor insurance shoes must have a legal business license. The labor insurance shoes produced by small workshops have no safety guarantee, and they must not be purchased.

2. There are production sites and technical personnel that meet the production needs. It is also very important to have relevant places and technical personnel for production.

3. There are production equipment to ensure product safety protection performance. The production equipment related to labor insurance shoes must have the performance of safety protection to ensure that the quality of the products produced passes the customs and meets the national standards, so that they can be circulated on the market.

4. There are inspection and testing methods that meet the requirements of product safety protection performance. High temperature resistant labor protection shoes must undergo high temperature testing to ensure that the products produced meet market demand.

5. There is a complete quality assurance system, product standards and related technical documents, and the products meet the requirements of national standards (GB21148-2020) or industry standards. This is very important. Labor insurance shoes are protective products, which are different from ordinary shoes. The demand for high-temperature labor insurance shoes is the choice of materials. They must have high-temperature resistance properties, and need to pass related safety tests to ensure the quality of labor protection shoes, so that customers who buy them can wear them with peace of mind.

The above is the whole content of how to choose a suitable manufacturer of high temperature shoes. Some high temperature shoe manufacturers fully implement international quality management systems such as ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSMS18001, etc., which is a plus for high temperature shoe manufacturers.

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