How does the safety shoes factory create a user experience?

If you don’t want to come to safety shoes without user experience, don’t think about it. So how does the safety shoe manufacturing industry create a user experience? The following web editor will give everyone a new trick:

The first measure is the material breathability: in a warmer natural environment, safety shoes must have good breathability fabrics, so that the water vapor that can be removed from the lining can make the feet dry and more comfortable.

The second measure is the sole: When it comes to the comfort of safety shoes, the upper material is different from the sole material of the boots. Materials such as safety shoe uppers can cause additional adjustments; new technical memory foam materials are used to reduce foot fatigue.

The third measure is safety factor and comfort: choosing safety shoes should look at its safety factor, reliability and clothing comfort. Nowadays, the production of safety shoes is divided into traditional technical production and new technical production. They are very important in the production of safety shoes. The quality of safety shoes, and this decision lies in the selection of high-quality materials and structures, which can increase the life of the shoes.

The selection of quality and raw materials determines the quality of safety shoes. In our country, the safety footwear specifications were just formulated in the 1990s. In 2012, the old production and inspection standards were changed and new standards were established to maintain the safety and health of employees. . At this stage, safety shoes in our country can be roughly divided into: toe maintenance safety shoes, anti-poke safety shoes, electrical insulation shoes, antistatic safety shoes, and corrosion resistance.

Common materials for safety shoe soles include polyurethane, plastic soles, EVA+vulcanized rubber formed soles and natural rubber soles. Suitable materials must be selected according to their different functions. Sole with unique functions is very important. In order to improve the wear resistance of the sole, sometimes this material can be combined with each other for application. The lining material is mainly divided into cowhide lining and BK cloth lining. The cowhide cloth lining is more breathable than BK cloth and has the advantages of breathability and wear resistance.

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