How heavy are oilfield work boots? Pay attention to weight when purchasing?

oilfield work boots

Many people buy work shoes in the hope that they can be worn lighter on their feet. However, many functional work shoes are often bulky. Because of the multiple functions of oilfield work boots, many styles are relatively bulky, but there are also comparisons. Lighter, many people are more curious about the weight of these oilfield work boots on their feet? Today, the editor of labor insurance shoes is here to talk to you about the weight knowledge of oilfield work boots.

How many oilfield work boots are suitable?

In fact, each brand of oilfield work boots uses different materials, and their corresponding weights are also different. Usually, if the protective function is added to the work boots, the weight will increase appropriately. Usually the single weight of work boots is about 1000 grams, a pair of conventional oilfields Work boots are almost this heavy. If the inner cotton is added, the weight will be heavier.

If it’s inappropriate to talk about, in fact, it still depends on what the job content is after you put on the oilfield work boots, because oilfield companies involve many subdivisions, including geophysical prospecting, drilling companies, downhole operation companies, power plants, and machinery factories. , Oil transportation, engineering transportation, exploration, oil production plants, oil refineries, government personnel, oil field companies with tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, it is impossible to use only one oil field work boot. Different types of work and different job requirements require different safety shoes.

If you are simply engaged in some workshop management, it is still okay for the feeling of the feet. If you have to travel for a few kilometers for inspection or load-bearing operations, it will definitely not be very comfortable, so multiple oilfield work boots are suitable? This question still has to be decided based on the content of your time and the length of your work.

Should you pay attention to weight when purchasing oilfield work boots?

We also mentioned the weight of a pair of oilfield safety shoes, so should we pay attention to weight when purchasing oilfield work boots? In fact, it can’t be said to be indifferent, because the work content of employees is not uniform, so when choosing oilfield work boots, it is still necessary to purchase oilfield work boots that are more comfortable for employees to wear according to the job responsibilities of different departments. After all, they can only satisfy the job It is a win-win situation for the company to meet environmental needs and satisfy the staff’s wear-resistant clothes.

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