How long is the service life of work shoes?

work shoes

1) As long as the safety shoes are produced by regular work shoes manufacturers and meet the safety standards, the state enforces the three-guarantee policy. The bottom and the cross-section are replaced within three months after the sale, and the plastic is seriously opened for repair.

2) The difference between work shoe fabric and outsole determines its quality and service life. Leather fabrics are generally not as long as real leather.

Outsoles generally use polyurethane or rubber outsoles. These materials will change in physical and chemical properties with time, use environment, and wearer’s wearing habits, making work shoes wear-resistant, adhesive fastness, hardness, and comfort Functional aspects such as sex are gradually weakening. If you wear it continuously for a long time, you will basically need to change it in the first half of the year.

3) The working environment of employees and the use of work shoes also affect the service life of work shoes. Good working environment and low intensity, good quality work shoes can be worn for six months to one year. If the environment is bad, such as chemical plants, coal and petroleum industries, steel smelting, electroplating workshops, etc., it will take about half a year, and new work shoes may need to be replaced.

4) In electrical and acid-base operations, damaged and cracked safety shoes are potentially dangerous. Enterprises should check and replace their work shoes regularly according to the actual situation. Acid and alkali resistant work shoes may need to be replaced in three months. Insulated shoes and anti-static shoes are tested once a month.

5) Correct and proper maintenance can work the life of the shoes. The conclusion of work shoes on the service life of work shoes: There is no explicit stipulation, and the specific conditions are treated differently, but the emphasis is: comfortable to wear and safe to use.

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