How should the furniture manufacturing industry pay attention to personal safety protection?

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In recent years, the furniture manufacturing industry has developed rapidly and the number of employees has increased. In the furniture industry, small and medium-sized enterprises and handicraft workshops account for a considerable proportion, resulting in a variety of toxic and harmful gases such as wood dust, formaldehyde, and noise. Occupational hazards.
Due to the large number of people who are exposed to occupational hazards in the industry, and the occupational hazards are serious, what about the occupational hazards and personal prevention and prevention measures?
Occupational hazards:
The three processes of cutting, processing, and polishing in the furniture production process will generate a lot of dust and noise; while the three processes of paneling, painting, and drying will emit a lot of chemical solvents due to the use of organic solvents. Generally, there may be more than 30 kinds of chemical substances in the operation sites of wood furniture and wood-based panel manufacturing enterprises, including more than 20 kinds of toxic compounds.
Preventive and protective measures:
Environmental improvement in each production link of the household production industry: the spray booth adopts a ventilation method combining upper and lower air inlets and positive and negative pressures to ensure that the air is fresh and unobstructed and the poisons emitted are discharged in time. The gluing and drying process must be isolated from other operations, and ventilation and detoxification facilities should be set up to ensure that the concentration of all toxic substances in the work site does not exceed the national occupational health standards.
In addition, in the mechanical processing link, a local exhaust dust removal device should be installed at the processing equipment that generates dust, and a dust suction device for exhaust air or side exhaust should be added. Vibration and noise hazards should be adopted to reduce vibration and noise for equipment.
Use of personal protective equipment: Wearing personal protective equipment correctly can more effectively block or reduce the entry of harmful factors into the human body. Workers who are engaged in cutting, jigsaw puzzle, processing, polishing, etc. who are exposed to dust should wear dust masks, and workers who are exposed to toxic chemicals in spray painting, gluing, and drying should wear gas masks, chemical protective clothing, safety helmets, gloves, and noise prevention Earplugs or earmuffs.

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