How to check the functionality of safety shoes

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How to check the function and appearance of safety shoes? Check the functionality and appearance of safety shoes mainly from the following aspects, through specific safety shoes, I will give you a specific introduction

(1) The upper of the shoe: The upper of the shoe is a very important part of the safety shoes. For labor protection shoes with smooth uppers, check whether they are soft and plump, and whether there are obvious wrinkles on the uppers. After pressing the upper with your hand, it will come loose. A good shoe upper should be full and soft, feel quiet, and have a uniform luster. For the upper of suede safety shoes, pay attention to check whether the fluff is short and well-proportioned, and the color should also be consistent.

(2) The upper is a part of safety shoes, used to reinforce the upper, avoid deformation of the upper, and improve the feeling of wearing. Therefore, a good shoe upper material should have outstanding tactility, breathability and water excretion, and not easy to discolor. When sewing, there should be no wrinkles on the shoes.

(3) Insoles: Insoles should have good air permeability and elasticity, which can reduce the weight pressure during walking.

(4) Outsole: From the appearance point of view, we must ensure that the combination of the upper and the upper is tightly seamed and there are no obvious cracks.

(5) Stability: Put the labor protection shoes on a smooth slope, keep the labor protection shoes still, and show no signs of sliding. Such labor protection shoes have good stability and good slip resistance, which is also one of the basic conditions for a pair of high-quality labor protection shoes.

(6) Side surface: For safety shoes on a flat surface, the contact point between the outsole of the safety shoes and the ground should be the correct tip, in the middle of the toes.

(7) Front: The left and right foot fabrics have no serious defects or damage, and the parts are symmetrical.

(8) Check the heel: There should be no gaps in the heel, and the stitches on the heel should also be smooth.

(9) Comparing the surrounding shoes: a careful comparison of the length of the left and right shoes, the convex shape, yes) there is no consistency or symmetry, and it looks bright and is the same color.

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