leather work shoes

a. In addition to choosing a suitable type according to the operating conditions, suede safety shoes should also fit the feet and make people feel comfortable to wear. This is very important, and the appropriate shoe size should be carefully selected.

b. Suede safety shoes should have a non-slip design, not only to protect the feet of people from injury, but also to prevent accidents caused by operators being slipped.

c. Various suede safety shoes with different performances must meet the technical indicators of their respective protective performance, such as the toes are not injured, the soles of the feet are not punctured, and the requirements of insulation and conductivity. But safety shoes are not everything.

d. Check or test carefully before using suede safety shoes. In electrical and acid-base operations, damaged and cracked protective shoes are dangerous.

e. The suede safety shoes should be kept properly after use, and the rubber shoes should be washed with water or disinfectant and dried to extend the service life.

The sole of suede safety shoes is generally molded by one-time injection molding of polyurethane material, which has the advantages of acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, insulation, wear resistance, and lightness. It is 3 times more wear-resistant than ordinary rubber soles. Good flexibility and light weight, the weight is only 50%-60% of the rubber sole. Different safety shoes have different application scopes and different functions.

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