safety work shoes

Are you worried about the size and size of safety shoes you don’t know how to buy? Have you bought safety shoes that are too big or too small to affect your work? Today I will teach you how to choose the size of safety shoes that suits you.

In daily life, safety shoes are already everywhere. The most frequently asked questions when visiting the market are about the size of safety shoes. Many people buy safety shoes through personal online or company purchases, but they never know what size of safety shoes to wear. They often buy shoes that are too large or small, which affects their work. Let me talk about the impact of the wrong size. First of all, the first role of safety shoes as a labor insurance product to protect the safety of the feet is to protect. Safety shoes are too large to loosen during work, which greatly affects work efficiency, and is likely to cause shoes to fall off and cause accidents. The shoes are small, because the steel toe caps on the front of the toe caps will cause the feet to be very worn. In a long-term working environment, small labor insurance shoes will squeeze the feet and cause wear and tear on the feet.

The size of safety shoes is generally half to one size larger than that of ordinary shoes. Because the front part of safety shoes needs to be equipped with a protective steel toe cap, be careful not to buy too small when choosing safety shoes.
Safety shoes are different from the size of ordinary casual shoes. When choosing the size, you need to measure the size of your feet carefully. There are two methods to measure: Physical measurement method: The correct posture must be adopted when measuring: 1. Stand with your legs parallel ( Do not sit or squat); 2. The weight is evenly distributed on both feet. Then measure, place your feet flat on a piece of white paper, step on the ground firmly, use a pen to point out the widest point on the left and right, and then use the front and back 2 points to find the longest point. Finally, connect the front and back 2 points and the left and right 2 points to make the correct foot length and width. (Note: both feet must be measured, and take the maximum value) Calculation formula method Safety shoes shoe size calculation formula: (shoe size + 10) X0.5 = (theoretical longer) cm Example: such as 42 size shoes. (42+10) X0.5=26cm.

It should be noted that safety shoes are different from the shoes you usually wear, and you must pay special attention to the size of the choice. Do not buy according to the daily shoe size. If you really don’t know how to choose, you must ask the seller how to choose. Don’t buy the wrong size and cause an accident.

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