Safety work shoes

Anti-smashing work shoes and steel-toed safety shoes are the same type, that is, work shoes that maintain the safety of the toes.  Safety work shoes and labor protection products work shoes are all foot safety precautions and have the same meaning. There are many types of it, such as toe maintenance, anti-piercing, insulation, corrosion resistance and so on.


Safety work shoes application standard

1. Oil-resistant work shoes are used for the site where the total area is oily or splashed; the moisture-proof work shoes are used for the work site where water is stored on the road or splashed by water; the antifreeze work shoes are used for the maintenance of the feet of workers working at ultra-low temperature to prevent damage Frostbite.

2, anti-stabbing work shoes are used for sole maintenance to avoid being stabbed by various sharp and hard objects.

3. The key role of anti-smashing work protection is to prevent falling objects from hitting the feet. The former Hohhot of labor insurance shoes has impact-resistant raw materials.

4. The key function of ironmaking work shoes is to prevent burns and punctures. They should also bear the necessary static working pressure, temperature resistance, and non-flammability. This kind of safety shoes is suitable for smelters, furnace fronts, pig iron, etc.

In addition to the above, there are also some unique safety shoes cover supporting facilities applications, such as white canvas, rock wool, glass magnesium, aluminum film material safety shoe covers, etc.

The use of work shoes should be based on the injury characteristics and injury levels of the office environment. Work shoes must have a product certificate and a product manual. Before application, you should read the instructions for use in the article against the standards of the application, and the instructions for use should be appropriate. Unique safety protection work shoes, should be checked and kept clean after use, and stored in a pollution-free and dry place

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