How to design the work sole to be more slip resistant?

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The slippage of shoes on the road is mainly caused by the friction between the sole of the safety shoe and the ground reduced to a certain extent. When designing outsole patterns, the anti-slip methods often used are mainly grasping and adsorption. There are several ways to achieve the purpose of holding the outsole to the ground:
The first is to reduce the crests, that is, reduce the corolla
This is to enable the corolla to be more or less inserted into the ground when the safety shoes are worn on a softer road surface to play an anti-slip effect.
The second is to design thinner flake patterns
When the outsole of this kind of pattern is put on, it is easy to fall under pressure and the sheet pattern is easy to fall. The dumped film enlarges the contact area with the ground, thereby producing better anti-slip effect. This pattern is suitable for hard and hard and Smooth ground.
The third is to design an outsole with adsorption capacity
Adsorption is to make the whole or part of the outsole adsorb to the ground to achieve the purpose of anti-slip. This kind of anti-slip design with adsorption also has two forms, namely the overall adsorption and partial adsorption of the outsole.
The overall adsorption is to contact the ground around the bottom. After leaving the four sides, the outsole will not contact the ground, so that the outsole becomes a bottom-shaped leather bowl, which will adsorb the ground after pressure. However, this adsorption method is generally required. There is a flat last, and the last of the molded outsole has tended to have a certain forward warp in the past ten years to meet the needs of bending the foot during exercise.
Therefore, it is difficult to achieve overall adsorption, instead of partial adsorption, local adsorption is to design several bowl-shaped suction cups on the forefoot and heel of the outsole. As the shoe bends, when the suction cup touches the ground, it acts as anti-skid The role of shift.

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