How to identify the upper material of safety shoes?

safety work shoes

With the development of society, the current types of work are also increasing. Many types of work require the use of special personal protective equipment, and safety shoes are one of the special labor protection products. Therefore, safety shoes are produced on the market. There are also more companies in China, and the types of safety shoes are also increasing, but there are big differences in quality. For safety shoes, the upper material of safety shoes is very important, and it plays an important role in protecting the feet. So how should we choose when buying safety shoes? Let the editor talk about it for you today.

1. Many safety shoes will use cowhide as the upper material, and the cowhide has obvious irregular patterns and natural pores, which are resistant to cold and folds, and have good breathability and perspiration performance; but some are loose fleshy fibers under the natural leather. An artificial surface layer is pasted on the layer. Its pattern is very similar to that of real leather, but it has no pores and feels hard, but it has good waterproof performance.

2. Touch: The leather feels plump and elastic to the touch, and does not feel cold to the touch. But if it feels hard and has a cool feeling, then most of it is transferred film leather.

3. Observe the cross-section: If it is leather, its cross-section has no obvious film layer, and if you scratch its base with your hands, you will find fluff and become longer and longer. But if the film leather is on the loose flesh surface fiber layer or fiber grinding under the natural leather, it is bonded with an adhesive under high pressure to form a sheet and then attached to the artificial surface layer. Scratch the surface layer with a knife. The surface layer can be peeled off in small pieces, so pay attention to it when purchasing.

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