Construction work boots

Do you know how to judge a pair of qualified electrical insulation safety shoes? Today I will teach you how to judge.

First of all, we can judge from the logo, a pair of qualified electrical insulation safety shoes will display the standard number of the shoe (GB12011) or electrical insulation on the sole or upper; on the shoe, you can also see the brand of the manufacturer and the shoe model. Marking, as well as the qualification certificate and production date, etc.

Secondly, we must choose from the quality. When purchasing electrically insulating shoes, we must master the quality standards: one refers to the processing quality of the shoes, and the other refers to the quality of the safety protection of the shoes. In order to control the quality, the country has published many standards for safety protection shoes, established a quality inspection center, issued and implemented production licenses and safety signs, and implemented a supervision and inspection system. The user should select products that have passed the verification to ensure the quality of its safety protection.
Due to the improvement of people’s living and working standards, although cloth-covered insulated shoes are relatively cheap, they are rarely used. Nowadays, electrically insulated leather shoes are mostly used.

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