Winter work shoes

In winter, the safety shoes we need for work have to be replaced with winter work shoes. Winter work shoes are easily affected by foot sweat when they are worn, causing the inner fluff to stick together and the warmth retention is greatly reduced. In order to ensure that we The warmth of the shoes is to exchange the two pairs of shoes and dry them frequently to maintain the comfort of the shoes and ensure that the fluff on the soles is always in a fluffy state. But we also have some special circumstances, that is, a person only sends out a pair of cotton shoes, so we may not have additional shoes to replace. At this time, if possible, we will buy a pair of shoes at our own expense, which can fully guarantee the warmth of the shoes. .

We must pay attention to the maintenance of work shoes when we replace them in time. This can extend the service life of our shoes. We also know that the leather surface of the shoes is easily affected by some external factors, such as some dirt or corrosion. Sexual liquids have a great impact on the durability of shoe uppers. We must clean up some key parts such as shoe uppers and shoe uppers in time to maintain the activity of the leather surface and avoid excessive damage caused by long-term corrosion. Affect the functionality of labor insurance shoes.

We should pay attention to whether the functionality of the shoes is still available, and perform functional tests on the shoes every once in a while to see whether the indicators are up to standard.

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