U.S. safety footwear

What are puncture-proof safety shoes?
As the name implies, puncture-proof safety shoes are protective shoes that are inserted between the insole and outsole of the shoe to prevent puncture by sharp objects and protect the feet from puncture injuries.
In the working environment of construction, metal stamping, machinery manufacturing and other industries, iron nails and sharp objects are often scattered on the ground. Workers may not pay attention to work such as using tools, operating machines, and handling materials. Will be stabbed and stabbed; on the other hand, if the feet are not stable, the body will lose balance, disrupt the normal working posture, and may cause accidents.
Therefore, in these operating environments, it is very important to choose a pair of safety shoes that can prevent puncture.
When testing the puncture resistance of puncture-resistant safety shoes, we will place the sole material on the test bottom plate, and then use a test nail with a hardness of 60HRC to continuously press the sole to the top at a speed of 10±3mm/min. Complete penetration, and then get the maximum force that the sole can withstand. Take MKsafety® as an example, anti-puncture safety shoes can withstand a puncture force of at least 1100N.

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