MKsafety® - MK0411 - Yellow suede leather non slip steel toe pull on work boots

(1) Improvement and modification of safety shoe equipment
In order to extend the service life of safety footwear equipment, improve the mechanization and automation of the equipment, enhance the robustness and wear resistance of equipment parts, overcome the weak links of the equipment, improve working conditions, and change the technical status of the equipment by adapting various accessories to our series. For the improvement of equipment.
In order to meet the requirements of the production process, expand the scope of use of the process, and improve the quality and processing accuracy of safety footwear products, changing the condition of safety footwear equipment is called the modification of labor protection footwear equipment.
The improvement and modification of safety shoe equipment should achieve the advantages of low investment, large economic benefits, and short processing cycle. However, scientific research, thorough testing, and determination of plans must be promoted when equipment is improved and modified. Benefits can be dismantled and reformed. The improvement of general equipment shall be approved by the equipment department of the enterprise; the improvement of main equipment and the modification of all equipment shall be completed by the equipment department in the “Equipment Improvement and Modification Application Form” and approved by the factory manager; the modification of important equipment and fine, large and rare equipment shall be approved by the factory After the long-term approval, experts shall be invited to demonstrate or conduct simulation tests, and the implementation shall be approved only when they are deemed to be sure; the improvement and modification of the bureau-managed equipment should be reported to the bureau’s equipment department for approval. It is strictly forbidden to modify or change the structure of the equipment blindly without talking about science, causing the function of the equipment to be reduced or damaged.
The minor reforms of general equipment can be carried out at the same time as the major repairs of the equipment, so that repairs and reforms can be combined to improve its performance.
After the work shoe equipment is improved and modified, the accessories that are not used by the original equipment should be returned to the warehouse for storage to avoid loss.
(2) Safety shoe equipment update
The replacement of old equipment is called equipment renewal, also known as replacement investment.
The safety shoe equipment update is to replace backward equipment with advanced equipment and replace general equipment with high-efficiency equipment. Equipment renewal is not only the replacement of the old and new in quality, but mainly the upgrading of technology. Therefore, to determine whether a piece of equipment should be renewed is not based on its wear and tear and the end of its service life as the only criterion, but on whether its economic life has expired, and it should also be based on the level of technology.
The renewal of work shoes equipment is to adjust the equipment structure, improve equipment accuracy, adapt to the development needs of product varieties, and improve quality and economic benefits. Equipment that affects product quality, equipment with many accidents, equipment with low production efficiency, equipment with high energy consumption, and equipment on the production line that are not suitable but can be used for other purposes, although the physical wear has not reached the limit, can also be included in the equipment renewal plan. In order to adapt to technological progress, the company’s work shoes and equipment should be inspected once a year, and equipment renewal plans for unsuitable old equipment should be proposed. After the equipment department prepares an annual plan, the annual equipment renewal rate should generally not be less than 5%.

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