Innovative marketing concept in the safety footwear industry: Continuous pursuit of customer value

Under the conditions of a buyer’s market, the marketing concept is destined to be consumer-centric, and to meet consumer demand as the starting point. However, in different historical stages, the needs of consumers, especially the core needs, are often different. Therefore, the connotation of the marketing concept should also change accordingly. At present, domestic consumers have completed the historical transition from “product buyers” to “needs satisfyers”. In the information age, consumers have transformed from “needs satisfyers” to “value creators”, building marketing in the information age. The idea, of course, should take this transformation as the basic starting point.
The economic theoretical basis of traditional marketing management is the theory of manufacturers, that is, the maximization of corporate profits. The actual decision-making process is a one-way chain of market research-marketing-strategy-marketing strategy-reverse marketing control; The integration of customers into the entire marketing decision-making process is to put the profit of the manufacturer above the satisfaction of the consumer. For the safety footwear industry, consumers in the traditional economic system can only meet their needs by purchasing products produced by safety footwear manufacturers. Although this product was developed after market surveys by safety footwear manufacturers, It is not a design for the individual needs of every consumer, so this kind of consumer satisfaction is just a kind of satisfaction under constraint conditions.
In the information age, consumers have the initiative to choose. They can conduct two-way and comprehensive information communication with any enterprise in the cyberspace in a very short time and at a low cost. This is beyond the reach of the traditional economic system. Consumers do not make a choice between the products and services that safety shoe manufacturers can produce. On the contrary, the choice of products and services that safety shoe manufacturers should produce is based on the consumer’s choice. Consumers have enough convenient conditions to integrate their knowledge of life and the world, their emotions and emotional experience, as well as moral concepts and value orientations into their choices of products, purchase behaviors and consumption methods. In the virtual online world, consumers are not buying products, or even purely seeking to satisfy their needs. In an era that allows full self-expression, consumers have regarded purchase as an important way to reflect their own values ​​and realize their value pursuits.
Therefore, in the face of “value seekers” in the information age, satisfying needs in a general sense cannot solve the problem fundamentally. Only by focusing on the value of customers and helping them realize their value pursuit, can MKsafety® safety shoes manufacturers effectively cater to the diverse needs of customers and ultimately achieve their own development.

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