Insulation class of insulation electric shock safety shoes

MKsafety® - MK0702 - Breathable lightweight comfortable esd work shoes-details

Insulation is a safety measure that uses non-conductive materials to isolate or wrap live objects to protect against electric shock. A good insulating material is a basic and reliable method to prevent electric shock to the human body. The insulated safety shoes are to protect your feet from electric current contact and electric shock. But if the grade of the insulating material you use does not match the power, the insulating material may be broken down and lose its insulating properties, and it will completely lose its electrical insulation. Therefore, for your safety, the insulated safety shoes you choose must match the voltage level. Therefore, if you need to use insulated safety shoes, you must first understand the insulation level

Insulation temperature class: Class A, Class E, Class B, Class H, Class C, Class N, Class R

Allowable high temperature: 105 120 130 155 180 200 220 240 (℃)

Limit of winding temperature rise: 60 75 80 105 125 135 150 170 (K)

Reference performance temperature: 80 95 100 120 145 155 170 190 (℃)

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