Introduction of personal protective equipment selection guide for welding workers

Electric welder

Electric welder is a well-known type of work, which is relatively common in machinery manufacturing and metal processing industries, and is a very important type of work. Because some technological automatic welding fails to meet the process requirements, manual welding is required, so the salaries of electric welders are relatively high now.
When electric welders are working, there are also many risk factors, such as eye burns, welding toxic gases, etc. So today, Feihe Industrial Co., Ltd. will introduce the personal protective equipment that electric welders have:
1) Welding mask
The mask is a shielding tool used to protect the face and neck to prevent splashes, arcs and high temperature burns of the weldment during welding. There is a rectangular hole on the front of the mask, and white glass and black glass are embedded. Black glass has the function of weakening arc light and filtering infrared and ultraviolet rays. According to the different color depths, it is divided into six models, namely No. 7-12. The larger the number, the darker the color. It should be selected according to the welding current, age of the welder and eyesight during use.
There are two types of face masks: hand-held (shield) and head-mounted (helmet). Hand-held is more commonly used. After 2010, the automatic darkening welding mask was also born. Compared with the old-fashioned welding mask, the protection effect is better and the safety factor is higher.
2) Work clothes
Work clothes are protective equipment to prevent arcs and sparks from burning the human body. When wearing, buttons should be fastened, cuffs, necklines, and pockets should be fastened. The top should not be tied inside the waistband.
The commonly used materials for welding work clothes are cotton woven cloth, and the leather welding work clothes with higher protection level are secondly. Once work clothes are found to be damaged, holes, gaps or greased, they need to be replaced.
3) Welding gloves
Welding gloves are special protective gear to protect the welder’s arm and prevent electric shock. Do not wear gloves and directly handle the hot weldment and electrode head during work. If it is damaged, it should be repaired and replaced in time.
4) Safety shoes
Welder work shoes are used to prevent foot burns and electric shocks. They should be made of insulating, heat-resistant, non-flammable, wear-resistant, and non-slip materials.
5) Welding mask
The anti-welding fume and dust mask is used to reduce the inhalation of welding fume.
6) Plain glasses
Wear flat protective glasses when cleaning welding slag to prevent hot welding slag from entering the eyes.
For the above six types of personal protective equipment, whether it is the length of working hours or the magnitude of the risk factor, dust masks for preventing welding fumes need to be worn, because the first “occupational disease” of welders is manganese poisoning caused by long-term inhalation of manganese-containing fumes. .
Therefore, the hazards of welding work are inevitable. Only when each welder takes all personal protective measures and strictly implements the welding rules and regulations can he protect himself.

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