safety shoes

The safety shoe compression tester measures the compression resistance of the toe cap and the puncture resistance of the steel mid-plate, so as to prevent the operator from being accidentally injured when wearing the shoes in the workplace due to insufficient safety performance of the shoes. The product has a speed adjustment function, the test speed can be adjusted arbitrarily according to customer requirements, and it has the function of switching between the three units of kg, N, and lb, and is equipped with a micro printer to print the test results.

Technical parameters of safety shoe compression testing machine:

1. Host structure: desktop type, which can control the compression speed, and display the compression stress value and displacement of the steel head in real time.

2. Pressure range: 20000N, (EN) 15±0.1KN, (ANSI) 1000±50~10000±50lbs

3. Pressure sensing accuracy: load element ±0.1%

4. Pressure display resolution: 1/10000.

5. Press plate hardness: 60HRC.

6. Steel nails for puncture: diameter (4.5±0.05) mm, with a truncated tip, the tip should have a hardness of at least 60HRC. Meet the requirements of ISO20344, ANSIZ41 and LD50.

7. Test speed range: 5~500mm/min adjustable

8. Test speed: compression speed (10±3)mm/min

Puncture speed (5±2)mm/min

9. Displacement display: 0.01mm

10. Unit conversion: kg, N, LB three units can be switched

11. Power: AC motor + reducer

12. Host function: the pressure reaches the set value and can automatically stop; with upper limit protection and peak retention functions, it can automatically stop.

13.Volume: about 712×330×828mm

14.Weight: about 115kg

15. Power: 1∮, AC220V

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