work shoes

Loading, unloading and handling is a special labor task, it is a bridge connecting all links of logistics, and has now become an important part of the production or circulation process, and as stevedores, they need to wear the correct anti-smashing and anti-puncture safety when they are engaged in manual safety Shoes, comprehensive protection to deal with the hard work of complex working environment.

The cargo needs to be loaded or unloaded from the means of transportation during work. Wearing anti-smashing safety shoes can reduce the risk of being injured by the falling cargo. Because the safety shoes with anti-smashing function are equipped with an inner toe cap with a certain impact resistance on the toe, the inner toe cap is placed between the shoe and the shoe, which can greatly reduce the damage to the foot caused by the falling object.

Loaders usually work in large-scale logistics transfer stations, some are in clean and orderly large logistics transfer stations, and some are in factory workshops with stacks. Then loaders wear puncture-proof safety shoes during work to avoid being nailed and metal on the ground. The possibility of sharp objects piercing the sole. The puncture-proof safety shoes are because the steel sheet is placed above the sole, so it can prevent the feet from being pierced by various sharp objects, and protect the feet to ensure the safety of work.

As one of the constituent elements of the logistics system, it is the operations performed for the needs of transportation and storage. When loading and unloading workers need to wear appropriate labor protection equipment when performing operations, such as wearing anti-smashing and anti-puncture safety shoes, wearing safety helmets or working Gloves, etc., which are effective protective measures to reduce accidents during cargo handling.

At the same time, in the process of loading and unloading, for the links of high labor intensity, poor working conditions, frequent handling, loading and unloading, and repeated actions, effective mechanized operation methods should be adopted as much as possible to reduce manual loading and unloading, which can also effectively protect the loading and unloading workers. Work safety.

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