Judge physical health according to the wear of work shoes

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Some workers wear safety shoes with heels that are particularly easy to wear. This is a normal situation where the shoes are seriously worn. This situation is very common in life. The wear of the heel can reflect the stress point when we usually walk. All concentrated on the heel position. However, if the soles of a pair of safety shoes are seriously damaged in 2-3 months, and not caused by the working environment, it fully shows that there may be something wrong with our footsteps. So when you go to the doctor, you will see not only the feet, but also the shoes. When people walk, follow the force route of the heel’s movement force, in order from the outside of the foot, then to the fifth toe, then the thumb. The heel is the larger focus, and about half is distributed at the root of the foot. When the heel is impacted while walking, the outer heel touches the ground, causing a ground reaction force on the outside of the heel. This is why most people like to wear high heels, and the outer heel wear is more common. There are also some people whose heels wear badly because they wear asymmetrically, which leads to serious wear and tear on the heel.

If it is found that the inner arch of the sole wears faster, it is mostly flat feet. The soles of “flat feet” are less elastic, and there is no extra space at the bottom of the foot. It directly touches the upper of the foot, and the center of the foot directly touches the ground. The inside of the arch of the foot is more prone to serious wear. The wear is very heavy, most of which are problems with high arches or hip and knee joints. People with congenital spine disease or hip dysplasia are more likely to wear the outside of the heel. When people with heel pain or “outer splayed legs” walk, their weight will be more inclined to the inside of the foot, which will increase the wear on the outside of the heel of the safety shoes. Wear it on the outside of the heel and pay attention to the “inside slant”. People who walk in the shape of an inner slope have greater pressure on the outside of the foot, which will accelerate the wear of the outside of the heel of the safety shoes. If the arch of the foot is too high, the outside of the forefoot will wear out. If the thumb is turned outward, the inside of the forefoot will wear out. However, the soles of labor insurance shoes will wear out as a whole, especially the forefoot. Most of them have cervical or lumbar diseases.

Wearing shoes differently may be a sign of neurological disease or stroke. Before a stroke or neurological disease, it is common for one foot to drag the other foot because the movements of the two feet are so different that one side of one foot is slightly worn and the other foot It is severely worn.

Ordinary people wear work shoes, and the sole is damaged less than half an inch in half a year, which is a normal range. Sometimes the outside is slightly more than the inside. Usually, if the new work shoes wear half an inch and a half inch, it is generally normal, and the foot disease patient will severely wear the sole within 2 to 3 months. A person should have at least two pairs of work shoes, and each pair of work shoes should not be worn for more than 3 weeks.

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