Leather material for leather safety shoes

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Each kind of leather has its different advantages. There are many materials for leather safety shoes.

The production process of leather safety shoes is complicated. The price is also more expensive, and the leather quality is better. But the protection function is very good

1. Calfskin. Full of elasticity, the calfskin has fine, soft and smooth pores. It is a good leather material, which is not easy to deform when wearing and is elegant and noble. Advantages: clear dermatoglyph, smooth hand feeling, elastic leather.

2. Soft leather. The waxing process makes the leather and cowhide polished. The soft and firm bending parts are not easy to crease. The leather is soft, has strong air permeability, and protects the feet to wick away sweat. Try not to wear clothes on rainy days.

3. Matte oil leather. The surface is smooth, and the pores on the leather surface are evenly polished to make the leather feel soft. The leather contains oil, which is not easy to mold and bacteria, no odor, and has the effect of natural wrinkles and discoloration. Advantages: water-resistant, the clothes are not easily deformed. Care method: dry white cloth, if you wear it for a long time, you can dip it in refined food oil and wipe it with a soft white cloth to restore it as new.

4. Sheepskin. The clothes are comfortable, the leather is soft. The breathability is strong, and the shoes are wicking away perspiration. Care method: colorless shoe polish, can not be treated with brightener, it will make the skin hard and cause damage to the skin. Clothing tips: It should be worn under good road conditions. It is best if you can wear it every one or two days.

5. Two-layer leather. It is the second layer of animal skin, which is the second layer of animal skin, which is second only to the leather surface. (The surface of the leather surface is covered with PU paint after the manufacturer’s disposal. Breathable and perspiration)

6. The first layer of skin. It has a lot of soft fiber and a layer of skin on the most surface of the animal. It has good strength and tension and good air permeability, because the material should be fine to avoid scars and wrinkles. Therefore, the price of leather shoes made of first-layer leather will be higher than that of second-layer leather shoes.

7. Embossed leather. The selected leather has a top layer and a distinctive pressed pattern on the outside. Patent leather, frosted leather and other special pattern effects are produced by meticulous processing.

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