Maintenance and maintenance of safety shoes (work shoes) production equipment

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(1) The equipment three-good, four-meeting, and five-setting equipment three-good, four-meeting, and five-setting equipment is one of the enterprise employees’ summary of equipment management experience, and it is also a content of the job responsibility system. The three best is: use, repair, and manage the machinery and equipment; the fourth is: know how to use, maintain, check, and troubleshoot shoe machine equipment; the five settings are: quantitative, fixed person, fixed point, timing, and quality .
(2) Operate the equipment in accordance with the operating procedures
The basic content of maintenance:
(1) Frequently scrub the oil stains of the equipment.
(2) Lubricate the equipment correctly as required.
(3) Frequently observe the operation of the equipment.
(3) Regular maintenance
Due to the different production technology, structure, and complexity of various equipment, the maintenance category varies greatly, especially the imported DESMA injection shoe machine from Germany.
At present, the special sewing equipment for labor protection supplies (safety shoes,foot protection shoes, insulated shoes, anti-smashing shoes, etc.) implements a three-level maintenance system consisting of daily maintenance, primary maintenance, and secondary maintenance.
1. Routine maintenance may be called routine maintenance. It is a routine maintenance that does not take up the operating hours of the equipment and is carried out by the operators every day. Its main content is to wipe each part of the equipment and fill each oil hole with oil to keep the equipment clean and lubricated. There are few items and parts for daily maintenance, and most of them are outside the equipment.
2. -Level maintenance Level 1 maintenance of the lockstitch sewing machine: The equipment needs to be operated once a month for a level maintenance, which is performed by the operator and guided by the maintenance worker. In addition to completing the daily maintenance content, it is mainly to tighten and clean in general.

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