Maintenance and management of safety shoe equipment

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The purpose of safety footwear equipment maintenance: to achieve the expected production efficiency through maintenance work, to minimize maintenance costs and downtime losses, and to obtain a higher maintenance effect with the smallest economic cost, so as to ensure the quality of labor insurance footwear products and improve the overall efficiency of the equipment .
Maintenance methods of safety shoes equipment: In the implementation of equipment maintenance, considering the effects of maintainability and economy, there are generally the following six methods:
1. Preventive maintenance is based on prevention. According to the normal inspection records of the equipment or the abnormal signs of safety shoes product quality and production efficiency during operation, preventive maintenance and repairs are carried out before the equipment fails.
2. Regular maintenance is carried out at the specified time interval or on the basis of accumulated operating hours, regardless of the technical status of the equipment, according to the pre-arranged maintenance work content to carry out regular accuracy inspections, overhauls, medium repairs, item repairs, first warranty, and second warranty And preventive tests, etc. The equipment that should be repaired should be included in the annual, quarterly, and monthly maintenance plans and be implemented conscientiously. When there is a conflict between production and equipment maintenance, reasonable arrangements shall be made according to the principle of “maintenance first, production later”.
3. Targeted maintenance (conditional maintenance, predictive maintenance) according to the specific situation, determine the location, carry out partial repair, and achieve the greatest economic effect with the least repair time and cost.
4. Failure maintenance refers to the sudden maintenance after the safety shoe equipment fails, and emergency repairs should be organized in time.
5. Improved maintenance This is to change the structure of the original equipment, improve the technical performance of the original equipment, install new parts, new devices, new accessories, etc. to the old equipment, so that it can reach or partially reach the new technical level, and it is operated during maintenance. Workers should cooperate to participate (improved maintenance needs to be approved by the relevant department).
6. Holiday maintenance safety shoes equipment can not be repaired during normal production (multi-shift system or assembly line), or the need to repair is relatively large. After the shutdown, the production of the whole plant will be affected, and the festival can be used for maintenance.

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