Maintenance and precautions for gumboots worn by the miner industry

Coal mines have always been the most concerned energy mining work of all countries, and they are also an important part of the economic development of all countries. However, the coal industry is very dangerous, and there are some underground accidents such as coal mine explosions from time to time. The sustainable development of an industry is bound to be inseparable from safety. No matter how leading the industry is, it will not go further without safety.

Working rubber boots are standard equipment in the coal industry, and equipment is required for underground operations or on the ground. Rubber boots can better protect workers to protect their feet during work, because the environment in the coal industry is relatively harsh and accidents occur from time to time. Safety rubber boots cannot completely protect the safety of the feet, but they can provide the greatest degree of safety. Like MKsafety® rubber boots, a special reflective strip design is used, which can effectively remind you in the dark underground environment.

In the industrial and mining industry, rubber boots are very important; you must pay attention to quality when choosing, and you cannot choose unqualified rubber boots because of the so-called price. This is irresponsible to your employees.

Industrial and mining boots are also consumables and need daily care:

1. Do not touch oil, acid, alkali and other chemicals to prevent corrosion, expansion and deformation.

2. Do not touch sharp or sharp objects to prevent breakage.

3. Do not use hot water when washing, and avoid using soap and hard brushing on the boots to prevent loss of gloss.

4. After washing, place it in a cool place to dry, do not expose it to the sun or high-temperature baking to prevent cracking and aging.

Industrial and mining boots should be stored in a uniform classification and numbered at a temperature of -15°C~35°C and a relative humidity of 5%~80% indoor conditions permit. The industrial and mining boots should be stored in a moisture-proof box or an insulated safety equipment cabinet.

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