With the provision of living standards, getting oneself clean and hygienic has become an issue of people’s concern. And stinky feet and stinky shoes are annoying, especially friends who love to sweat and sweat. So how to solve the problem of smelly feet and stinky shoes? Let’s learn now!

1. Shoe odor is generally related to your feet, and feet are prone to sweating due to the many sweat glands in the soles of the feet. In addition to water and salt, the sweat also contains lactic acid and urea. Under the condition of hyperhidrosis, the bacteria on the feet multiply and decompose keratin, plus the urea and lactic acid in the sweat, which will give off a bad smell. If the shoes are not breathable and the air does not circulate, the odor will accumulate and become stronger and the odor will be extremely strong.

2. First of all, the shoes you wear everyday. The key to prevent smelly shoes from appearing is to keep the inside of the shoes dry. The way to do that is to dry the shoes that you wore yesterday, so you have to prepare two or three pairs of shoes, and then change them every day. Come wear it.

3. In order to ensure that the bottom of the shoe is wet and collapsed, the way is to pad the insole!

4. In order to ensure the dryness of the insoles, we must also ensure that more than two pairs of insoles are exchanged for a pair of shoes to prevent the insoles from getting wet during a day’s exercise.

5. One is the socks we wear. They are the same as the insoles and need to be replaced every day. Another point of this is that the insoles that are replaced every day should be washed off to remove the sweat stains left on the socks for a day to prevent the growth of bacteria.

6. One is the key, and this is the problem for each of us. In order to prevent the appearance of stinky feet, we protect it from being clean, because the human skin is also excreting garbage, and our feet are caused by the shoes to cause the garbage to adhere to the feet, and because of sweating and dampness, it also nourishes. The emergence of some bacteria.

7. In order to prevent the long-term self and reproduction of bacteria, the method is to keep the feet clean, so you should wash your feet every day. This should be noted that you can’t wash your feet with cold water. You should wash your feet with warm or boiled water. There is more time Bubble feet, which can fully clean the bacteria on the feet.

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